Well Hello There Spring!

Published On: March 27, 2023

Well hello there ~

It’s officially been about ten years since I have taken the time to sit down and start writing my blog.  I started blogging back in 2010 and truly enjoyed the opportunity to share my “on goings” and get to know other bloggers and what they were up to.  Some of the people I met through blogging have become really good friends.  Blogging also got me to where I am now ….. “A very busy interior photographer”  As I became more and more busy, I lost the time to blog, once a week.  The pressure of always trying to fit in time to blog became more of an annoyance, rather than a creative outlet.  I wasn’t the only one ….. all of my fellow bloggers seemed to fall by the wayside also.  It was a bit comforting to know I wasn’t the only one!!!

So with that all said, I feel like I’ve been around the world and back since I sat down and wrote a blurb or two.  I’m certainly not putting too much pressure on myself to keep this up but at least I’ll try.  Matter of fact, this was something that I brought up in my first “Creative Gathering” chat that I held this past weekend.  The challenge was to figure out how to tackle adding a new blog post and newsletter, in hopes of having another outlet to share my thoughts, photos and just about anything else I think that people would perhaps get inspired by.  So here we are, I think I’m doing it!!!

It’s been a week since Spring arrived and I think this time of year always defines “new beginnings”   So, here I am making time to pivot from being too busy doing things that don’t matter to me, to making time to do things that DO matter to me.  Blogging was always a creative outlet for me and I want to bring it back in my life …… we’ll see what path it takes me but I do have hope that perhaps it will take me down another path of finding more creative direction.

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