A Late Summer Styling Workshop Success!

Published On: September 22, 2021

Finally making time, after a very busy week, to sit down and look back at how perfect last weekend’s “A Late Summer Styling Workshop” turned out. Our Saturday class was very relaxing, which I was truly thankful for. How lucky once again I am for mother nature to turn on the rainclouds (Good grief)!!!! ……. But with all of the French doors wide open and the breeze blowing through, (fireplace on of course), it turned out to be a cozy yet wide open space for all to have room and enjoy.

As the day got on, it was nice to get to know everyone and have the chance to step back, observe and take in what everyone else was doing. Each of these ladies had a creative eye, most had a camera and even if they didn’t, they used their smart phone and boy did they work it! It was such an honour to know that all the styling that I set up was something that they were inspired by. To give people the opportunity to style their own vignettes and photograph as they saw it, was exactly what I wanted to see. The most rewarding thing I have come to realize is at the end of the day, everyone had taken away some of what I had to share and then they created their own beautifully, styled photographs. I have inspired people with my styling and photography but they have helped me see things in a whole new light and I am so thankful for that!

Thank you to these amazing ladies for signing up for my Late Summer Styling Workshop:

Alexis Lea @alexisleaphotography, Barbara Aylesworth @astrokeofgenius, Barbara Cameron @bcameronpix, Natahsha Priya @natahshapriya, Rozella Klassen @rozellas_, Tracy Tong @ttong, Waltraud Neufeld of “YesChef.ca”

As always, a Special thank you goes out to Cindy Mast @cindygraymast for helping me throughout the day by taking care of refreshments and small bites. You have a knack of keeping everything under control behind the scenes. Thank you so much to Michelle Mollinga @michellemollinga for capturing the day on both video and stills.

And to the lovely contributors for supplying the beautiful things for our swag bags ……

Boostani Crafts, Dragon Fly Antiques, The Chocolate Bear Shoppe, Westcoast Gardens, Tracey Ayton Home.