With Interior, food and lifestyle photographer, Tracey Ayton. Invites you to attend a late spring styling workshop…

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With Interior, food and lifestyle photographer, Tracey Ayton. Invites you to attend at a Beach House location…

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Monday, February 18th, 2019

Hi everyone. If you haven’t heard, I will be putting on a styling workshop in a couple of months on location, near Vancouver, BC. Make sure to tune in on this upcoming Monday, February 18th at 9:00 am PST as I will be announcing all of the details that you will need to know with a link as to where you can sign up. I will have the link on all of my social media outlets, including right here on my blog.

I look forward to seeing you!

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Some Sweet Notes

The workshop was everything that I hoped it would be and more. I, (well I believe lots of people do) get stuck in the daily grind and rarely take breaks just to be creative and surround ourselves by inspiring like-minded individuals from different walks of life and your workshop was the perfect source of ‘creative refueling’.

The biggest takeaway that I found was layers are everything and to not overthink things. Styling is sometimes perfectly imperfect and that was a great reminder. I also loved the different types of women who were drawn to your program, I learned a lot about each of them and have established a couple of great contacts through your ‘cross pollination’ of creatives.

- Rebecca
I have admired Tracey’s effortless and timeless style for years-so much so that I flew in from London, Ontario to attend her workshop! Tracey welcomed all her Attendees into her home with open arms and a warm heart.

Throughout the day We were introduced to numerous vignettes of props and fresh flowers, each station more gorgeous than the next!! As artists, we were free to roam and get creative with our content creation, all the while
Tracy was only a few steps away To offer knowledge and make you think outside the box.

- Saleme
This past weekend on my blog, I did a little review of my favourite moments of 2019. Taking part in this Photography and Styling Workshop with @tracey_ayton was the top of my list. Being surrounded by beautiful flowers, on a farm, with my camera is pretty much my perfect way to spend a day!
- Kerri Hansen
Last week had me back in Vancouver for two polar opposite events. One was to say goodbye to an old childhood friend who passed away way too young, the other was to attend a workshop with a photographer and stylist who I’ve admired for years. Tracey Ayton is one of those talented people who is always the photographer in my favorite
glossy Canadian interior design magazines. Timing was on my side and it allowed me to spend a fabulous day with her and two other creatives in her beautiful west coast seaside home. As you can see, every detail in her home is thought out to precision. (More images on my blog). The only regret is that I didn’t meet her insta-famous dog,
Frankie! ❤
- Jennifer Lavelle
Had an amazing time at the @tracey_ayton #aytonstylesworkshop today with so many creative ladies and beautiful photo ops! More photos and thoughts to come! Thank you @schoolhouse_farm and @alexisleaphotography for this shot! I’m glad you talked me into being your ‘model’ 😘
- Kyla Getty